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Eric Moore's Brother EP: A Compelling Blend of Folk and Jazz

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

This recording was a long time coming, and took a long time to finish. I was determined to do it right, I paid attention to all the editorial voices that chimed in, and I put faith in the relationships these players all have with each other. I’m the new guy in this group, I’m still earning their trust. I think…

This is what Eric Moore had to say about his new soon-to-be streaming EP called “Brother.”

Eric Moore, a folk singer-songwriter straight out of the Midwest, grew up in the Pittsburgh area. When he’s not obsessing about his music, he can be found in the kitchen, on his bike, or on the cross country ski trail with his dogs.

After listening to a few of the unreleased songs, rest assured you will know he is the real deal. The remarkable lyrics and instrumentals are sure to make you tap your toes. Eric Moore delivers a compelling blend of jazz and folk that transports you to the golden days of rock and roll.

With 'Brother,' Moore crafts a poignant folk ballad capturing emotional challenges from his past. The lyrics touch on his memories and patterns in his life. A very powerful song, indeed.

Two Become One is an outstanding slow jam. Written in the months leading up to his wedding, this Americana roots rocker revels in the spiritual, carnal, and emotional bliss of union. ~ “I feel untouchable when I sing this.”

Alive is, as Eric says himself, “a collection of rebellious stances.” With a very jazzy vibe to the song, it gives you a great beat to boogie to. It has a light-hearted, “Pennylane” feel to it.

This being Eric’s first recording in over 20 years, it was his first ever project that he feels is uncompromised. “I took the time to do things right. That notion manifested a different stance at different times.”

“The songs mean a lot to me, and if I’ve done my job right, listeners will get some

meaning from them too.” (Moore)

If you're looking for jazzy, touching folk ballads, this EP is well worth a listen.


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