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May Erlewine ft. Theo Katzman: Easy (Live) - A Melancholic Folk Gem

By: Joshua Garvelink (Sage Fox)

May Erlewine, the Michigan maestro, unveils "Easy", a live gem, alongside Theo Katzman (Vulfpeck) at Michigan's Cinnamon Ranch studio, delving into poignant reflections and unfulfilled desires through somber folk tunes guided by exquisite fingerpicked guitar work. This melancholic folk melody delves into both the roads taken and those left unexplored, as well as the unattained desires and dreams, all skillfully guided by delicate fingerpicked guitar and impeccably synchronized performances. Collaborator Katzman adds subtle vocal harmonies and electrifying leads.

In “Easy”, Erlewine and Katzman craft a contemplative musical space with minimalist arrangements, allowing the lyrics to take center stage. It opens with introspection, transitions to an exploration of life's experiences, and ultimately offers a profound truth: "It's never easy to take the fall."

Written during a snowy walk around Walden Pond, May Erlewine's song captures the essence of Henry David Thoreau's retreat. The solitude of the wintry landscape brings forth haunting dreams, prompting listeners to confront their own past and contemplate what it means to "take the fall." The song invites you to weave your own stories into its evocative lyrics.


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